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What is Webee?

Webee is a set of Internet services, web + hosting + email, integrated with each other, based on HTML 5 and represent the latest generation of the Internet landscape in a "product" unique quality, features and price. Webee is a software platform that the customer can use in total autonomy. The "content" must be entered and managed by you or you can decide to entrust the management of all or part of the site web agency you trust. Webee is still easy to use.

Why choose Webee?

The reasons are many, generally because Webee is always one step forward and then there are at least 10 reasons:

  • Allows you to create endless menus and submenus and each match a page where you can enter content (graphics, text, multimedia);
  • It 's easy to use and allows you to try different demo;
  • It has the interactive guide;
  • Was created and is maintained by an ISO 9001 certified company that manages the entire chain of production and post production Internet at enormous cost competitive;
  • It has a service with live support and help desk;
  • It has an unbeatable value for money, the comparison should be made for the amount of services offered, then you must consider: site, domain, hosting, antivirus, antispam, statistics, MySql, site, etc;
  • Include in the price some features that other products do not have: news, photogallery, visibility of mobile, widgets, etc.;
  • He has a great usability, allows you to change the look and feel of the site whenever you want;
  • Has the prerogative to be dynamic and you can take advantage of the updates without the need to change the site;
  • Includes e-mail services with anti-spam and anti-virus, web mail, statistics;

What is the difference between a static website and Webee?

The static websites include contents of sole and reading. To perform upgrades at these sites is necessary to know the computer language and intervene directly in the page code. The decision to create a static website nowadays is definitely not recommended. Dynamic websites have instead updated content that can be changed quickly. Webee is a site totally administrable, ie ensures maximum interaction with a user "non-computer". Some elements that characterize its dynamics are: the control panel that provides simple administration (the contents can be updated thanks to graphical user interfaces without acting directly on the code), and the interaction with one or more databases, the presence of interfaces of variation of graphics.

How much Webee?

The prices are listed on the site Webee www.webee.it. The price is very competitive because Logos Engineering covers the whole range of telematic services, is Registrar and runs its Server.

How can I try Webee?

To test Webee can directly play some of our graphics settings with our "Webee Play", or register on the website, create a free demo choosing one of the available templates, login (username and password you will receive them in the mail with which you registered). If you are a customer you will have up to a maximum of 3 demo. You can make up to three demo and up to 10 if you have a demo webagency accredited.

How do I purchase Webee?

To purchase online is easy, www.webee.it login in with your username and password, go to the panel demo and buy the site. You can pay by bank transfer or by credit card through Paypal.

If by mistake I delete contents of the site can restore them?

Our policy of backing up your data is as follows: full weekly, daily incremental. Our servers proceed to make a backup of the machine each week and one every night in an incremental way (the only changes made). This does not imply a commitment in our restore the data you deleted the back up is in fact used only for internal Disaster Recovery procedures. In specific cases undergoing feasibility from us you can request a quote prior riprisitno data because the recovery procedure must be performed for the entire server which is hosting the site. The Customer undertakes contract, in its exclusive interest to periodically copy of the data and raises Logos Engineering from liability for any damage caused by loss of data, for any reason, including, of course that the decommissioning of the site for termination of the contract.

Also provide services and access to the FTP server?

No, webee does not provide services or access to the FTP server.

When do I pay the site purchased?

the site must be paid at the time of purchase, regardless of when you decide to publish it. In fact, the contract is concluded at the time of purchase and at the time of publication. In fact, it may happen that the site can not be published to your will or for reasons of force majeure (inability to transfer a domain to bureaucratic obstacles or other acts of God).

How can I pay Webee after purchasing it?

You must access the site www.webee.biz with your credentials, choose one of the payment methods among those present and proceed for as stated on the website.

How can I pay the renewal of the annual fee?

The contract has a duration of 12 months, at the end is renewed for a further 12 months if the notice is not received by the customer. The gun must be paid at least 20 days before the deadline. The system will send you an email with the date by which you need to pay fees. To pay the fee you have to access the site www.webee.biz with your credentials, choose one of the payment methods among those present and proceed as instructed on the website.

Can I be notified about the payments to be made and deadlines of the royalties?

The system will send an automatic email when it is not been paid on time. The evidence of the payment stops sending the reminder. It 'true that the evidence of payment (especially by bank) always arrives a few days later than the time of payment, so the system can send a reminder to you please do not take into account if you have done so in the meantime to pay. With regard to the annual deadlines, if you have not done the termination of service, the system will send an email with the date by which you have to pay the renewal.

Can I edit an invoice already issued or a payment made?

No, you can not change the data already issued an invoice or a payment made, changes to billing information are operating exclusively for payments made AFTER the data update.

I changed my address, I can change the billing information?

Si, puoi modificare i dati dell'indirizzo accedendo con le tue credenziali al sito www.webee.it. Le modifiche saranno operative solo ed esclusivamente per i documenti emessi dopo l'aggiornamento dei dati.

In the case of corporate transformation or transfer of a subject to another, can I change my billing information?

In the following cases:

  • processing company
  • Sale by a legal entity to another legal entity
  • Sale by legal entity per person physical
  • Sale by natural person in legal entity
  • Sale by Person means an individual physical
  • you must apply for the perfecting of the data webee@iuremail.it

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